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In 2008 one of founders of DermaTech Research worked with a colleague who had received stem cells to deal with a post surgical blindness in his right eye. Eight weeks after stem cells were administered, his vision was completely restored.  A miraculous result in itself, but when you add to that his 38-year diabetic condition, his result is nothing short of astounding.

Witnessing the regenerative power of the human adult stem cell, company Founder Dr. Hal Simeroth working with his team and forward thinking innovative doctors in Europe and the US set out to do for the largest organ in the body – the skin – what they had witnessed in internal organs.

Working with top researchers, they were able to isolate a series of actives derived from the human adult stem cell and from there began formulating a Facial Serum that could help mimic the body’s natural “repair response.”

And while that goal was achieved, based on years of research in the skincare arena, Dr. Simeroth was inspired to go further to greatly improve upon his initial formulas and create the most comprehensive, efficacious formulas on the market today –and that’s precisely what he did with the advent of StemCore-3, Stemology’s proprietary stem cell based peptide complex.

Stemology is the first and only brand to bring together both human and plant stem cell technologies – incorporating the superior features of each – along with a stem cell communicator that greatly enhances intercellular communication to maximize the benefit of stem cell “signaling” growth factors.

This “best of” approach maximizes Stemology’s singular ability to help prevent and improve the number one cause of skin aging: the declining production of epidermal, collagen and elastin cells, which results in skin that is dull, thin and wrinkled, lacking both firmness and elasticity.

Our proprietary StemCore-3 technology promises superior anti-aging efficacy in a formulation that is ethically formulated, contains no DNA or stem cell matter, and is all natural and intelligently organic whenever possible.



StemCore-3 ™ – Stem Cell Based Peptide Complex

The foundational ingredients of the flagship products of Stemology are based upon 20 years of stem cell research and studying the effects of topical application of cell derivatives with the core active ingredients for the StemCore-3 formulation.

Regenerative medicine, also known as Stem cell therapy, has a well-proven track record in the cell treatments of heart disease, MS, macular degeneration, cancers and many other diseases. Organ-specific adult stem cells are already proven to be quite effective in a variety of treatments for illness as well as regeneration of associated organs.

Our scientific and medical research supports the conclusion that stem cell derivatives, skin specifically cell cultured tissue combined with peptides, antioxidants, plant stem cells and ingredient “helpers” provide a highly effective anti-aging skin care system.

Stem cells, in general, rejuvenate.  They trigger the production of new healthy cells in the human body based upon the particular organ cells the stem cell is “encoded” to stimulate. Stem cells are our “natural” defense against deterioration of the body. As adult humans, we produce stem cells which have much to do with the rejuvenation of the cells of our organs.  By the time we reach 50 years in age, our bodies have only 2% of the stem cells with which we were born. As we age, our bodies reserve the use of remaining stem cells for trauma repairs. Since stem cells repair deterioration, the lack of available stem cells contributes to the aging of our organs … including the skin, the largest organ of the human body.

Through 20 years of scientific and clinical development, we have created a methodology to produce a unique derivative of stem cell tissue that can be absorbed into the skin.

  Our all natural stem cell extract is pure and safe.  Our formulations are all natural, non-pathogenic, ecologically friendly, and free of all chemical additives and ethically formulated.

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