Waxing for the Face and Body
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Wax Skin Care by Gabriela
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At Skin Care by Gabriela we use a two types of wax: soft strip wax and hard (low temperature) stripless wax.


Our hard wax form France is the preferred method of facial hair removal because it does not adhere to the skin, only to the hair and the chance of skin irritations such as redness and bumps is reduced. This type of wax is also grate for very sensitive skin.





Ladies waxing

  Eyebrows $19  Regular Bikini $32+
  Lip $12  Betweenie  $55
  Sides $12   Sphinx Bikini Complete $65
  Chin $12   Full legs  $70+
  Cheeks $22   Half legs $40+
  Full face $52   Full arms (fingers inclusive)  $40+
  Underarms $19   Half arms  $32+
  Low back $20   Abdomen $20
  Feet & toes $15  Full face with Dermaplane combo $60+



 Man waxing

  Ears $10  Eyebrows $19
  Chest (front, top & sides of shoulders) $35+  Shoulders (back, front & sides to neck) $25+
  Neck $15   Chest (front, top & sides of shoulders) $35+
  Full torso (front, top & sides of the shoulders, includes chest & abdomen to the hip bones) $55+   Back (including shoulders-top, back & sides)  $55+
  Half arms $37+   Full arms (fingers inclusive) $45+
  Hands $12   Abdomen $28
  Feet and toes $15   Full legs $70
  Half legs $40+

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