What is Retinol?
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What is Retinol? By Rachel Russell
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Whether you are 35 or 55, everyone has that one year that you wake up and don't recognize what's in the mirror. You ask yourself, "not another dark spot" or  "where did that wrinkle come from?" Immediately the panic sets in and the only thing you can think of is to call the dermatologist. They are, after all, the skin doctors, right? On several accounts, I have heard the story. You go to the dermatologist, tell them you want to anti-age and they immediately prescribe Retin-A.

What IS Retin-A?

Retin-A, also known as Tretinoin, is a vitamin A derivative used topically to renew the skin.  Vitamin A is the gold standard for anti-aging and can target many skin concerns. However, the dermatologist will not tell you that Retin-A is one of the strongest strengths of vitamin A.

Then I hear one of two feedback's as a skincare therapist. Either you think you had an allergic reaction OR others think its fantastic to apply once per week, get very red, dry and peel until the next application.

Neither of these is correct. If you know how vitamin A works, it exfoliates from the inside out. That strong form of Retin-A has basically given you a peel but caused vulnerability and inflammation.

As a Clinical Esthetician, we know now that type of inflammation actually causes more harm to the skin than good and faster aging. So we are are stuck in this place of wanting to apply the gold standard of ingredients for the result we want and not causing more long term damage to the skin. This is where Retinol comes in. Retinol is a softer form of vitamin A. Here at Skincare by Gabriela, we like to educate our clients that a diluted version of vitamin A more frequently applied allows the ingredient to work more efficiently in the skin.Our Physicians Choice of Arizona retinol products have formulated a delivery that allows you to reap all the benefits without any of the downtime. Whether you are concerned about pigmentation, acne, or wrinkles, we have a specific PCA Retinol product to treat clinically. Learn from us the difference compliment of medicine and healthy skin care. Ask your Esthetician more about how Retinol can help you and be a perfect addition to your regimen!


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