Stem Cells
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Stem Cells by Denise Walter
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Although people are living longer lives, it's clear that most are not happy with the effects or aging. AGING is inevitable, and even though clients can't stop the clock, they can slow down the signs of aging by eating right foods, exercising and taking care of the bodies largest organ- the SKIN. With aging, skin becomes thinner and dryer, age spot and wrinkles appear, elasticity is lost as collagen production declines, and skins overall appearance is more dull looking youthful vibrancy. And although there are many tool available tp help fight against aging, science has recently zeroed in on an incredibly powerful anti-aging: Plant Stem Cells.

Stem Cells are some of the most important cells in the human body. They are biological cells that have the potential to regenerate tissue over a lifetime and can self renew to produce more stem cells. Multicellular organisms (plants-fruits, animals, humans) have stem cells. They are found throughout our bodies, were they can play an essential role in tissue renewal. Stem Cells just below the surface of the skin can help with restorative functions, such as cellular regeneration and may ultimately enhance the capacity to repair aging skin. The real beauty of the stem cells, however is that they have an amazing ability to develop into many types of cells.

Stem Cells in beauty products are obtained primarily from plants and fruits that can stay fresh for a long time, like Swiss Apples, edelweiss, roses, date palms, and guto kola ( a swamp plant). Extracts of these stem cells- not the live cells themselves- are added to skin care products. Were skin care is concerned, the theory  is that applying a product that contains stem cell extracts derived from plants and fruits, the cameleonlike cells carry the entire DNA gene of the plant that encourages the growth of your skins own stem cells and trigger that ant aging effect.

Products such as Stemology have a wide array of stem cell products to enhance your everyday appearance. So call us for a  free consultation with your beauty expert on what products would work best to help fight anti your aging needs.

By Denise Walter

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