Skin after pregnancy
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Skin after pregnancy By Rachel Russell
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I could easily be embarrassed as a skin care therapist how my skin responded to being pregnant and a new mom. Horomones, limitation of certain ingredients and flat out just having the time, negatively effected my skin. Because of my olive undertones, I started to noticed the “pregnancy mask”, melasma, on my face making me look dirty and uneven. Not to mention the breakouts on my cheeks and chin!

For the first time in years, I needed to change up my regimen to keep my body pure for my baby while still noticing results. I started to use our clean ingredient line, IMAGE. I was able to pick and choose certain products to customize my needs combining a lightening agent during the day and acne control at night with much success. I also added a lightweight SPF with a touch of GLO mineral makeup and I felt like myself again!

As changes cane during pregnancy, I reminded myself that I always have the chemical peels to fall back on after I deliver. I am thrilled to say I have started my series of treatments at a month a part to work on a deeper level to correct the leftover damage. Brightening, plumping, tightening and keeping my breakouts at bay.

Sometimes you can not control what is going on inside your body that is showing through the outside of your body. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, puberty, menopause, even certain medications you’re taking. But there ARE options! Consult with your Esthetician today to come up with the safest, most effective treatment plan for you at home and in the treatment room. Otherwise, I look forward to personally treating you again when I come back to work starting March 6!

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