The Importance of Facials
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Importance of Facials Professional Extractions
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Most skincare clients claim their least favorite part of any facial is the extraction process...


Laura SmithAll good facial extractions start with cleansing, steaming and some sort of exfoliation. Exfoliation is the removal of surface dead cells and can be accomplished in many ways, including manual abrading , alpha hydroxy based masks,  chemical detoxification, as well as microdermabrasion. All of these modalities will be addressed in a follow up essay, with a focus on exfoliation and its importance in the salon as well as home care.

Most skincare clients claim their least favorite part of any facial is the extraction process. This process can cause a minor amount of discomfort, and  for those who are even more sensitive, it can border on being somewhat painful. Generally, good extractions of non infected pores will be a sensation of light pressure, and perhaps a pinch. If acneic infection is present, the extraction of the infected material will often be more uncomfortable, because of the already present inflammation and puss in that particular pore. The benefit of removing acne based infections, blackheads, or just reducing congested sebum trapped under the skin, is that  the skin will once again have a smooth texture, pores will be reduced in size,  and the complexion will also have reduced redness, increased brightness and a healthy, hydrated glow.

The steaming process allows the skin to soften and become more pliable. It opens the pores for easier access to the debris that is clogging them. The steam also softens the debris itself, ultimately reducing the discomfort of extractions. Clean pores are a large part of keeping skin healthy and highly functional. When the pores are lacking blackheads, infection and congestion, all  products used  during facial treatments, as well as at home, penetrate more efficiently, and provide more consistent results. As uncomfortable as extractions can be, with out a doubt, a better state of health has been created for the skin and the result is more self confidence in your personal appearance, a happier state of mind  and a general good feeling about how you look and feel.

Laura Smith

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