Fighting Aging w/Zero Trauma Microcurrent
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Fighting Aging Zero Trauma Microcurrent
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The science of anti-aging has always been on the forefront of human endeavor.

The ancient Greeks would us electric eels to promote healing of gout and reduce joint pain. Further research performed by doctors and scientists in the last 100 years revealed that small amounts of current helps maintain normal cell behavior. It also assists in moving nutrients in and toxins out of the cell. Small doses of electrical current help rebuild skin integrity and strengthen muscle fibers.

Proper microcurrent movement can help release fascia-drain excess lymphatic fluid and rebuild muscle tissue. By increasing the blood flow; nutrients and oxygen help increase the bodies own natural production. (ATP)

Without damaging the dermal layer microcurrent offers sustainable results. Continued use reduces signs of stress and fatigue by increasing the bodies own healing ability.

Resulting in Total Health!

By Denise Walters

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