Dermoplane Facial vs Regular Facial
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Dermoplane Facial vs Regular Facial
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If you love facials and you are wanting to give your next facial a boost, make it a Dermaplane facial! Professional facials refresh the skin, giving it a glow that can’t be replicated by anything else. The benefits of adding a Dermaplane facial to your regimen are endless. Here are a few of the exciting benefits of a Dermaplane facial:

#1 More even skin tone

Dermaplane is the perfect procedure to help even out skin tone. Whether it is because of skin damage or the natural tone to your skin changing over time, this facial will help restore evenness to your complexion. It does this because we use a blade to gently and effectively scrape the skin. The buildup of dead skin cells that can be contributing to the discoloration are quickly and effectively removed.

#2 Reduction in fine lines

Although a Dermaplane facial does not have the ability to remove deep wrinkles or scars, it can help eliminate the fine wrinkles that begin to develop over time. This happens because the superficial wrinkles in the skin are actually removed from the skin during the procedure, creating the appearance of a smooth complexion that is lasting.

#3 Hair removal

A blade is used in the procedure, resulting in a smooth and hairfree area. The result lasts longer than traditional shaving as the blade shaves down layers of skin and hair. It does not cause the hair to grow back thicker or darker. You will be left with the smooth skin you want without the potential for redness or swelling that can accompany other hair removal methods.

#4 Very gentle

Due to the fact that the blade and the pressure are carefully controlled by your Esthetician, there is very little redness or damage done to the skin. There is no suction or pressure as in other techniques. This benefit is great for clients with distended capillaries or Rosacea.

#5 Lasting results

Because the procedure removes up to 3 weeks of dead skin cells, the Dermaplane facial will effectively last up to a month before another procedure may be required. With a good at home regimen, the results can last for many months! Most clients return when the hair reappears and they see the dull appearance that accompanies dead skin build up, which is typically one to two months. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns you may have.

We are here to help! We look our best when our skin looks it’s best!

Christina Berry

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