Cool weather finally here!
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Cool weather healthy skin
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And with it, yummy pumpkin pie, apple spiced tea, and ohhh that's right! Also super dry skin... But not necessarily if you prepare yourself with a skin care routine.

1. Exfoliate yourself right.

We're sure summer was fun filed with lovely outdoors activities. But that nice sunny weather has left your skin rough and dull because if the excess dead skin cells. Even if you try to put on a super rich moisturizer, it won't absorb as effectively because it will be laying on the top superficial layer of your face and body. Start your ritual with some oil based scrub for body and water based for face.

2. Forget that soap.

Soap is easy because it's right there on your skin and it smells so delicious. But all that fragrance and sodium laureth sulfate can be very drying especially in colder weather. It's time for creamy hydrating cleansers and body washes. These are much gentler on your skin and get rid of dust and dirt while letting you retain all the essential oil and moist needed for healthy skin.

3. Reassess your skin.

You think you know your skin, but do you really? Your skin may change its types often as there are season changes. You may have had combination skin in the summer but fall comes and your complexion may become sensitive and in need of different ingredients and care. If you stay with the same products all year long, you may not only be doing yourself a disservice but will also be a reason why you're not seeing the result you hoped for. Talk to your aesthetician to find a new regimen and adjust your routine in accordance.

4. Look for these all-star ingredients.

Some key ingredients that extremely potent at keeping you hydrate while having grate anti-aging properties are: Hyaluronic acid, Peptides, Lipids and Vitamin C. These are tried and tested ingredients that should be part of you colder weather regimen.

5. Love you humidifier.

Your humidifier is not just convenient when you have cold. During colder
months, the skin is unable to hold on to moisture as well as it does during the. So you need to assist it in retaining its hydration because when it gets extremely dry, our skin moisture evaporates into thin air.

Now that you've packed your summer shorts away and brought out those boots, remember that your best accessory is healthy skin!

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