Christiane Lecoin: Acne and our Skin
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Christiane Lecoin Acne and our Skin
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One many wonder what Acne is and how it can occur..... so I'd like to take a moment to explain a few basics to help one understand.


christianeTo start off we will discuss what is Acne?!? It is a common skin disease characterized by pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, or zits. People use many names for Acne but basically Acne (which can occur anywhere including the chest, and even the back) occurs when the pores of your skin clogged with dead skin cells,oil,and bacteria. It is common in teenage skin (especially during hormonal changes) and up to 20% adults.

So how do we address the issue of Acne one may ask... For starters you have learn the importance of how to properly clean the skin starting at an early age. Also getting ongoing treatments such as facials, chemical peels, high frequency are vital to cleaning up Acne and skin's health.

There are some things that should be done by your Esthetician, for example, if an extraction of a breakout is necessary-only should an Esthetician do this. It's important to never pick or pop pimples because this may cause scarring, spreading bacteria, and trauma if not done properly. Leave this up to a professional only!

Lastly- homecare regimens are must. It's necessary to use proper cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration to balance out your skin.

Remember your skin is an organ so we must take excellent care of it so we can look and feel our best!

Christiane Lecoin

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