Fit body fit skin: Skincare tips for the athlete
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Skincare tips for the athlete by Lael C.Williams
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Skincare tips for the athlete by Lael C.Williams


lael1. Keep clean.  It is very important to keep the skin clear of make-up and excess bacteria before any activity that causes perspiration, especially when wearing any type of helmet or restrictive/protection gear on the face. Since the pores expand with heat they more easily absorb anything that is in contact with it; make-up, dead skin cells, dust, dirt, bacteria etc. encourage blackheads and pustules.  Objects that create friction or pressure (helmet, cell phone) on the skins surface push the dirt and bacteria into the skin which causes blemishes.  

Removing sweat as soon as possible after working out is very helpful in controlling challenging skin. If showering immediately after physical activity isn’t possible the use of a toner is highly recommended. Our body naturally releases toxins through perspiration. The longer these toxins remain on the skin the more likely it is to experience acne and breakouts. Our Hydrating Toner from G-Formula may be sprayed unto a cotton swab and used to wipe away perspiration to the face, neck, chest, or back providing a rapid method of removing toxins from the skins surface before irritation occurs.

2. Exfoliate. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week helps to remove dead skin cells before they have a chance of congesting the pores and causing blackheads and blemishes. Our Face Polish by G-Formula is a wonderful physical exfoliator containing tiny crystals that gently remove dead skin leaving it soft, smooth and clear of excess cells. We also offer a Daily Exfoliant from our Dermesse line containing 10% glycolic which dissolves dead skin cells and controls bacteria.

3. Stay hydrated.  Highly strenuous sports often encourage heavy perspiration which can also diminish the skins ability to maintain its hydration. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the entire body well hydrated and functioning correctly and encourages the skin to maintain hydration. Gentle exfoliation also prevents the buildup of dead skin cells which inhibits product absorption.

The same is also true of swimmers, over exposure to both chlorinated and saline water tend to draw hydration from the skin making it difficult to keep the skin moist and hydrated. Our Silkcoat Balm by PCA is a beautiful daily moisturizer containing Jojoba seed oil, Rosemary Leaf, Lavender Flower, and Goldenseal Root Extracts to sooth and repair dry and damaged skin and is perfect for those suffering from dry or chapped skin.  The Liquid Gold by Credentials containing Safflower Seed Oil, Lavender and Carrot Root Extracts provide an excellent method of sealing in moisture and protect the skin from the elements.
Happy exercising!

Lael C.Williams

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