Ashley LaPointe: So… how is this possible?
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Ashley LaPointe Microcurrent
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I am excited to let you know about one of the most transformative treatments for your skin that money can buy - MICROCURRENT!

Microcurrent, also known as the "lunchtime lift" is an amazing non invasive, painless treatment that will take years off of your face and even neck. It is an FDA approved procedure that dramatically improves skin and its appearance and with ZERO DOWNTIME!

So… how is this possible? Microcurrent uses low level electrical impulses and works in conjunction with the electrical currents found naturally in our bodies. These impulses firm, smooth and tone the skin revealing a fresh and younger looking appearance. It's like taking your face to the gym!

BUT WAIT, there is more… Microcurrent reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces redness and puffiness, it increases blood circulation and rehydrates!

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