30 Minute Tune Up Massage
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30 Minute Tune Up Massage by Lael Williams
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What is a Tune Up Massage?
Tune Up Massage is designed to rapidly eradicate pain, improve posture, enhance performance, and encourage healing. This treatment provides a fast way to address built-up tension, relieve stress, and even stimulate repair of damaged tissues. A half hour Tune Up Massage also provides a beautiful opportunity for those new to massage and curious to try the experience.

How does it work?
We use natural rubber therapy balls commonly found in your yoga studio.  These Tune Up balls target areas which are overused, underused, and/or misused. They work through multiple layers of muscle using very precise and strong but gentle pressure to heal damaged fascia within the muscles and around the body, increase strength, and enhance flexibility and mobility.

Who needs a Tune Up Massage?
Anyone needing rapid stress or pain relief! 30 Minute Tune Up Massage allows anyone from the most active athlete to the busiest on-the-go mom to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.

Save time, save money, save your shoulders!!

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Lael Williams

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