Semi Permanent Make-up
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Semi Permanent Make-up Natalya Khapun
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Semi permanent make-up method was developed over 20 years ago in Munich, Germany. Waltraud Kuffner, with a team of doctors, cosmetologists, make-up artists, and permanent make-up technicians, created the Conture® Make-Up Method for gentle, safe, and beautiful micropigmentation.

We are is the world's best provider for semi permanent eyebrows, our hair stroke technique is the most natural looking enhancement for sparse or uneven brows. The semi permanent eyeliner adds fullness and defines the eyelashes, and our semi permanent lip color can blend into your natural lip for subtle results or be bright and bold like lipstick. We also provide medical pigmentation services to mask problem zones for the skin.

Our work
Customer FAQ
Pricing and Consultation

With our semi permanent make-up, the commitment is never long-term.
Natalya Khapun

Why Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Advantages of getting NON-Permanent Makeup:

A. A natural and subtle look.

B. The most modern leading technology for eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips.

C. The semi-permanent color is pigmented into the first layer of the skin, the epidermis, where it lasts from 1 to 3 years depending on the individual’s skin regeneration.

D. Pigmentation colors are medically tested and certified in accordance with Medical Products Laws. They are of mineral origin, with no heavy metals or glycerin.

E. Pigment colors are allergy tested, antiseptic, inorganic, of mineral origin, and MRI exam safe.

F. Ability to change color/shape.

G. Minimal discomfort and no downtime after procedure (minimal redness or inflammation lasting 1-2 hours).

H. Professional Linergist undergoes intense and comprehensive training to become licensed for cosmetic and medical pigmentation.

Disadvantages of getting PERMANENT Makeup:

A. Old tattooing method

B. Permanent pigmentation of dermis, a much deeper layer of the skin.

C. Tattoo colors contain heavy metals, glycerin.

D. Reported swelling and burning in the affected areas during the MRI exam.

E. Limited color options.

F. Painful procedure, with downtime.

Our work

All photos you see on this page are untouched and real. They are taken by Master Linergist during the working process. “After” photos are taken immediately after pigmentation procedure and you can see little redness, shine, or minor swelling that are normal temporary attributes of the working process. Please, pay attention the difference and improvement/enhancement presented by” before and after” photos, instead of judging the plain beauty of particular image (brows, lips, eyeliners or entire face).

Customer FAQ

What is Conture Make-up?

Conture Make-up® is semi-permanent cosmetic make-up for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips. The semi-permanent pigmentation is deposited via needle into the first layer of the skin, the Epidermis,using a special technique developed for medical and beauty purposes. Conture Make-up lasts anywhere from 1-3 years more or less depending on the individual's skin regeneration. Conture Make-up can be touched up to refresh the design, reshaped, replaced with different colors or left to fade until it no longer exists.

Who benefits from Conture® Make-up?

Individuals looking to accentuate their natural beauty in a subtle and lasting way benefit from Conture Make-up. These individuals may be young or elderly, male or female, high maintenance or low maintenance.

•  Actors, Actresses and Television Personalities needing to look their best at all times in the public eye
•  Athletes, Personal Trainers and Professional Swimmers who want to maintain a lasting attractive appearance while exercising, sweating and swimming
•  Individuals with poor eyesight or unstable hands that want perfectly arched brows, eyeliner and lip contours every morning that are free of smudges or uneven lines


Conture Make-up also benefits individuals who have improper growth or hair loss of the eyelashes or eyebrows and lip malformation or scarring.

•  Individuals coping with hair loss due to Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania or Chemotherapy.
•  Individuals with lip malformation due to Cleft Lip/Palate, a Herpes Simplex Infection or Impetigo Contagiosa.
•  Individuals with scarring due to an accident, burn, laceration, or operation

How is Conture® Make-up different from Permanent Makeup?

Permanent make-up and tattoos are pigmented into the middle and lower layers of the skin, the Dermis and Hypodermis, where they last for a lifetime. These tattoos cannot be altered in shape or color and cannot be easily removed. Because Conture Make-up only penetrates the first layer of the skin, the individual has the option to change the shape and color or let it fade away.

How is Conture Make-up Applied?

With a pen-like device that contains an ultra-fine acupuncture-size surgical steel (disposable and one time use only) needle that draws precise lines on the skin using a special technique.

Is Conture Make-up safe?

Absolutely! Our Conture pigmentation colors and pigmentation device used for application are medically regulated, tested and approved by European Standards ISO13485. Our pigment colors are allergy tested, antiseptic, inorganic, of mineral origin and MRI exam safe.

How is the desired look; the shape and color-of eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips- determined?

Our Elite Masters will recommend the best color and shape to compliment each individual’s features in accordance with their desired outcome. Before the procedure, our Elite Masters will conduct a preliminary drawing of your Conture Make-up using the matching colored make-up pencil. If the customer is completely satisfied with the pre-drawing, the procedure will take place. During the Initial Touch Up, 10 days – 2 weeks after the procedure, the Elite Masters will perfect the procedure in shape and color.

How long will the Procedure take?

New Client Consultation and Drawing - 40 minutes
Procedure - 2 hours
Follow Up Procedure - 30 minutes

Who does the Procedure?

Our Elite Master , Natalya Khapun, a certified semi-permanent makeup artist and image consultant.

Is there any discomfort or pain during the Procedure?

Minimal discomfort may be felt during the procedure. Most individuals experience a slight scratching sensation with limited to no discomfort. An anesthetic gel and disinfectant solution with a numbing agent are used during the Procedure to provide relief from any discomfort or pain.

Pricing and Consultation

For New Pigmentation

Any necessary follow-up treatment within three months of the initial pigmentation is included in the price


Hair simulation $630
Care Products $60

Eyelid Lines

Upper Eyelid Line $430
Lower Eyelid Line $430
Care Products $60


Designer Deluxe Package $1500 (Lip Contouring with Shading, plus lip highlights and 6 months for necessary follow up)
Lip Contouring and Shading $1200
Lip Lights $150
Care Products $60

Single application of eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, and full lips with no touch ups (ideal for people out of town)

Eyebrows $300
Lower Eyeliner $200
Upper Eyeliner $300
Full Lips $300

Refreshing Pigmentation

Any necessary follow-up treatment within three months of the initial pigmentation is included in the price

After One Year & Up

Eyebrows $210
Upper and Lower Eyelid Lines $290
Lips $380
Lip Lights $100

After Two Years & Up

Eyebrows $315
Upper and Lower Eyelid Lines $430
Lips $565
Lip Lights $100

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