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Everyone want to know the secret to beautiful skin. Skin care product have a tremendous effect on the condition of our skin. Anyone why is serious about their skin health should have a regular home care regimen. But we strongly believe that regular facial treatments are a part of any dedicated skin care regime.

Your customized Facial includes:
Steam, exfoliation, professional extractions, relaxing upper body massage, specific target mask and sun protection.


Deep Pore Cleansing

Recommended for first time guests.
60 minutes - $85 / $90 / $95


“I Feel Spoiled” Facial

**Perfect for Gifts!

Microdermabrasion, Relaxing Facial Massage, 24k Gold Mask followed by Hands and Arms Treat
1 hour 15 minutes - $225

Acne Treatments (Mini Facial)

Our acne treatments will vary based on your skin type. It is important to us fist understand what is contributing to your acne so that it can be treated correctly.

Ideal for:

  • enlarge pores
  • breakouts
  • oily/combination skin
  • uneven texture

30 minutes $55 / $60 / $65
60 minutes $85 / $90 / $95



Anti-aging Facial

Regular anti-aging facial help to decrease signs of aging by increasing collagen production, helping your skin regain elasticity and shedding dead skin cells. Clients often see immediate results after the treatment, including reduced visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, redness, uneven skin texture. Our anti-aging facial will very based on your skin type and needs  and may include microdermobrasion, light therapy, microcurrant therapy, Gold mask for eyes and whole face.
60min - $135 - $205


Therapeutic treatment for congested skin.
60 minutes - $85 / $90 / $95


Specially designed to deeply cleanse and exfoliate to reveal healthier skin. Our corrective masks reduce shaving bumps and irritation.
60 minutes - $85 / $90 / $95

Couple’s Facial

Perfect for Brides and Grooms, Mothers and Daughters, Husbands and Wives or Just Friends.
60 minutes - $82 per person



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