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Skin care for the Gym:

What to Do Before and After you sweat.

Natasha GrigorianIt’s well known that working out is beneficial for both mental and physical health. But what about skin? Is working out making it worse? If you go to the gym, you know they tend to be kind of gross. You’ve got a bunch of sweaty people sharing the same equipment, touching everything from the water fountains to the lockers to the dumbbells. Then there’s the inevitability of touching your face, potentially spreading germs and bacteria onto your own skin and into your pores. It’s been said that the average person touch there face between 2.000 and 3.000 times a day! Other factors, like your own hair and even towel choice, can effect whether you experience breakout or dryness. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you love getting your regular sweat sessions in but also want to keep your complexion clear and healthy.

1. If you can, skip the makeup.
When you’re working out your skin should be able to breathe. If you’re pressed for time use any makeup remover cloths and quick rinse! But we understand that some people aren’t completely comfortable going out with bare face. For those people we recommend to take a little more time to properly clean there face( post-workout) if you didn’t have a chance to go to the gym without makeup.

2. Always, always, always wash your face post-workout.
This one is a must whether you do or don’t wear makeup to the gym.

3. Toner pads.
Another way to get rid of excess dirt and oil is with Image skin care clarifying pads-cotton rounds that come pre-soaked with salicylic acid. The pads particularly helpful for anyone with oily skin.

4. Pick the right gym towel.
Many gyms provide towels to use. But, if gym uses a detergent you’re not used to or are allergic to, your skin could have an allergic reaction. Use something that’s not a dish towel, not super thin, but soft of medium thickness and doesn’t have as mush of a plush to it.

5. Keep your hair off your face.

6. Don’t touch you face!

7. Use ice to reduce post-workout redness.
Here is a trick. If you suck on piece of ice, there’s a temperature receptor on the hard plate of the mouth and it almost resets all the flushing and blushing in you face.

And remember, regular facials help to keep your skin in a great shape!
Skin care and Beauty Chat 2019-06-19

R.L.T. (Red Light Therapy)

We can thank NASA for this one. While growing plants on the Space Station, NASA found that the red lights promoted Natural Plant Growth....





Skin care and Beauty Chat 2019-07-21

What is Dermaplaning?

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Please let your esthetician know if you are using anything new from your dermatologist.
Be Aware of Harmful Active Ingredients in the Most Common Sunscreens:

  1. Oxybenzone
  2. Avobenzone
  3. Octisalate
  4. Octocrylene
  5. Homosalate
  6. Octinoxate

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